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In good company

Imagine your firm’s potential alongside a team of experts that will continue its legacy by serving the greater Quad Cities area for years to come with a deep commitment to firm improvement and service quality. Centennial is uniquely positioned to advance your firm and realize our shared potential through practice and talent acquisition.

Practice Integration Benefits with Centennial

  • Add bench strength while providing growth opportunities for your existing team
  • Strengthen existing niche services alongside a leading local financial services ecosystem, including best-in-class investment management services and banking solutions
  • Collaborate to build a more capable practice to attract and retain clients and talent

There’s never been a better time.

Let’s collaborate to create the firm you desire.

Making the decision to merge your firm is not to be taken lightly. We work with firm partners to structure transactions and a future workplace that provides upside for key stakeholders, mitigates deal risks and welcomes clients for long-term success.

Our process is straightforward and begins with a conversation. 

Evaluation: examine your needs and strengths

Valuation: maximize value through structures to create a win-win scenario for all parties

Integration: navigate and coordinate transitions into our family

Let’s talk about our vision

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