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Important changes to the child tax credit

With any tax law change like the Child Tax Credit, it’s important to revisit your full financial roadmap. We can help you determine how much credit you may be entitled to and whether advance payments are appropriate.


Tax Information 2022

Get Ready for Taxes: What's New and What to Consider when Tax Filing in 2022

The IRS has shared some important information and changes for tax filing in 2022, including special steps related to charitable contributions, economic impact payments and advance child tax credit payments.

Learn more about 2022 tax filing information

Tax Filing Season

2022 Tax Filing Season is Here!

Tax filing season begins January 24. The sooner your taxes are filed the less time your refund will take to get to you. Here's what we at Centennial recommend as you prepare to file your 2021 taxes.

Learn more about filing your taxes in 2022

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How the millionaire next door plans for long-term care

Planning for old age, healthcare and the intense long-term care needs that often accompany it can be overwhelming for working people to balance the expenses or building a life, raising a family, and saving for retirement.

Learn about planning for long-term care

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Why Every Business Should Have Balance Sheet Know-How

Running a business can be hard work. Adding another accounting report might seem like a distraction, but the insights gained from properly prepared financial statements, including a balance sheet, can identify meaningful opportunities for growing your business.

Learn why you need balance sheet management

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