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Your journey matters to us.

We take the time to know you and explore your entire financial situation to develop better plans and identify opportunities. Our business and individual tax planning clients realize the benefits of smart planning as a result of our trusted advice and year-round accessibility.  Knowing your purpose brings a complete financial picture into focus so that we can help you choose the best path.

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High Income Households

As experts serving high income households – most oftentimes for households with $150,000 or more in annual income – throughout the area, we know how to balance paying your fair share today while guiding smart decisions so that you can grow your wealth into the future.

High Net Worth Households

Taxation grows in complexity as wealth is accumulated. We’re experts in navigating intricate tax and asset-protection strategies and help you develop financial, estate, and charitable plans to realize your aspirations.

Quad Cities Families

Our firm is built to support individuals and families throughout your lifetime with tailored support and unparalleled access to local financial services. We deploy the latest technology to support your interactions with us, and are well-versed in the emerging challenges you may face.

Our NextGen tax planning approach builds the foundations for your financial wellbeing with:

  • Retirement & investment strategies
  • Maximizing deductions, like child tax credits and mortgage interest
  • Education planning, including student debt management
  • Family wealth transfer training & support
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Small & Medium-sized Business Practice

Family & Closely Held Businesses

We understand the unique ambitions, plans, and personalities of family-owned businesses. Our team is dedicated to helping families realize and achieve their business and family objectives, by getting to know you well beyond tax implications.

Our collective, first-hand experience gives us specialized knowledge in:

  • Estate planning
  • Wealth management
  • Succession planning & transition tools
  • Growth strategies
  • Family governance
  • Leadership assessments and development

Farmers & Agribusiness

With years of experience providing full-service tax and accounting to area farmers and agribusiness, our farm income tax preparation and planning supports efficient operations with sensitivities to tax considerations and liability exposures.

  • Family farms
  • Integrated feeders
  • Agribusiness


Your not-for-profit has unique financial needs to realize your mission. Our specialized services are aimed at supporting tax-exempt organizations so that they can navigate changing operational & regulatory rulings and make sound financial decisions.

Our team’s unique expertise supports a variety of not-for-profits, including:

  • Public charities
  • Private foundations
  • Social service agencies
  • Social welfare organizations
  • Trade associations and membership organizations
  • Community-based organizations
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Stage of
Life Practice

Retirees & Near Retirement Households

Your tax situation can change rapidly throughout retirement. We study your situation to apply the most appropriate tax strategies to reduce the taxes you owe over your retirement years so you keep more of the money you’ve earned and invested.

Trust & Estates

We believe that effective planning helps achieve the financial legacy you desire – from transfer of assets to your beneficiaries to provides security for your surviving spouse – and can minimize or eliminate the taxes due on the transfer of your business and other assets.

Provide peace of mind for those most important to you with tailored advice that includes:

  • Upfront trust & estate tax planning
  • Annual reviews of your tax liabilities & strategies
  • Building and sustaining close partnerships with your attorneys and financial advisors

How do we do it?

Our process to maximize profit and reduce tax liabilities tailored specifically to your financial plans includes:

  • Deduction diagnostics
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Education funding
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Business succession planning
  • Insurance strategies
  • Initiating estimated tax payments
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