Services for Businesses

At Blair, Westfall and Co., we recognize that each small business in the Quad Cities area has its own individual accounting needs. We are ready to help with personalized services to help your business run smoothly.

small business Accounting services

Temporary Accounting Services

If you have a short term need for accounting services for your business, we can provide the perfect solution. We have expert staff ready to step in and help you get through all your bookkeeping needs.

Payroll Processing

Managing payroll processing can be a time consuming responsibility that can be a drain on resources for a small business. We can manage every step and ensure that your employees are paid accurately. Our program is customized to the specific needs of your business.

Tax Strategies

Businesses have a special set of needs when it comes to income tax. We understand all types of businesses and can manage even the most complex returns. We know your needs go far beyond just accurate and timely filing of your return. We are prepared to consult with you on ways to ease your tax burden and assist with projections, planning and problem resolution.

Financial Statements

Accurate tracking and reconciliation of financial information can be a struggle for small businesses. We have expertise in creating income statements, balance sheets, cash flow analysis and general ledger accounting to help you get an accurate understanding of your financial picture, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Sales Tax Compliance

Sales tax compliance is constantly evolving and being compliant can be quite an undertaking for a small business. Our team will ensure that your state and local sales taxes are paid appropriately and tax filings are accurate.